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As we turn the clocks back this weekend and we trudge closer into the chilly winter months, we all notice that it is getting darker earlier and earlier. Soon, the sun will start setting around 5 p.m. That's when most of us are leaving work and commuting home!

So as you're implementing or adjusting your outdoor lighting, here are some simple ways that you could incorporate greener, sustainable practices that not only help the environment, but save you money:

  1. Solar-Powered Lights - These are big, because no one likes running wires around and searching for power outlets. It's tedious and it's unattractive for your yard. The beauty with solar lighting is that you can pop them into the ground or install them around your house, turn them on, and let them go. These lights charge all day when the sun is out and, by the time it gets dark outside, the lights go on! They are effectively out of sight and out of mind after installation - because they require no connection to electricity and there are no operating costs to worry about.
  2. LED Bulbs - Just like with solar-powered lighting, switching to LED bulbs can also be environmentally and financially beneficial. LED lights are durable and do not need to be regularly replaced like fluorescent and incandescent lightbulbs. More importantly, LED bulbs are energy efficient - they generate a lot of light at a very low voltage, using less energy and, therefore, less carbon. LEDs also do not emit toxic substances or radiation, making them easily disposable and safe for the family. Having efficient outdoor lighting can be as simple as replacing your existing lights with LEDs.
  3. Timers and Motion Sensors - Setting your lights using timers and motion sensors can save you from using electricity when it's not needed. Timers can make sure your lights are running only when you want them to be, such as when you are home. If you do not have specific times to set your lights to, consider motion sensors, which can make sure your lights are on the moment you need them to be. Limiting your usage of outdoor lighting only to the times you need it can have a big impact on curbing your energy usage, lowering your utility bills, and ultimately lowering your carbon footprint.

With these three quick, simple and easy tips, keeping your property well-lit during the early winter evenings will save you money, materials, and help the environment. How can you not invest in such easy, sustainable, and profitable changes?

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