TrickleStar USB Motion Sensor

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The USB Motion Sensor is a power management solution that plugs directly into any available USB port on the computer. A highly-sensitive sensor detects motion for a period of time (configurable to 5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes). If no motion is detected during this time, a sleep command is sent to the computer putting it into sleep mode, thereby minimizing energy consumption.

Installation is easy and requires no special software or additional programming; therefore, it does not interfere with existing power management software installed on the computer or network server. It is designed to work independently or in conjunction with other power management tools to ensure that energy savings is optimized.

  • Configurable countdown timer that can be set to 5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes.
  • Quick activation button for manual operation.
  • Red/blue flashing LED notification to alert user prior to initiating sleep command.
  • Compatible with PC (Windows®/Linux®) and Mac® (macOS®) operating systems.



Voltage: 5 VDC
Cord Length: 12 in.
Connector: USB (male)
Switch Type: Slide selector
Manual Operation: Push button
LED: Dual color (red and blue)
Motion Detection Range: 6 ft.
Motion Detection Angle: 50 degree