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Numi Tea - Moroccan Caffeine Free Mint Tea ( 2 - 18 BAG)
ITEM# 18865035
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3401 North Thanksgiving Way
Lehi, Utah, 84043

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In the Moroccan spring, the snow melts off the Atlas Mountains, watering the plains below. As days warm, some of the most soothing, refreshing and full-flavored mint flourishes in this ancient land of the Berbers. With flavor as light and lively as Newly picked leaves, this choice Organic mint will become your favorite mint teasan. An all-day or after-dinner delight, no wonder the Moroccans drink ten cups a day. Teasan is Numi's term, derived from the French tisane, for brewed herbal beverages; which, strictly speaking, are not from the tea plant, Camellia Sinensis.