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Giovanni Hair Care Products - Volumizing Shampoo ( 3 - 8.5 FZ)
ITEM# 18868804
Direct Eats

3401 North Thanksgiving Way
Lehi, Utah, 84043

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Increase body and shine while infusing weightless texture. Cleans and adds weightless boz., strengthens thin, fragile hair, and protects fine hair from damage while building body. Add max volume and max life to hair that's limping along through life. Contains horsetail extract, a healing herb, rich in nutrients and high in silica to help keep hair healthy and strong. Wash in boz., wash in strength, wash in body. Contains a blend of Organic oils, ripe-harvested from reNewable plants at the peak of their freshness, cold pressed and refrigerated immediately to ensure maximum purity. Infuses each individual strand of hair with vitamins, nutrients and protein for strength and vitality.