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iTouchless Sensor Soap Dispenser 3D w/ Removable Container
ITEM# 6497912
iTouchless Housewares & Products

3401 North Thanksgiving Way
Lehi, Utah, 84043

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Studies have shown that the most effective way to prevent the spread of bacteria is to wash hands regularly with soap. By following what the experts suggested, you have to reach out to the filthy pump dispenser for a drop of soap. But wait, with both of your hands full of raw chicken juice, how can you get some soap without contaminating the dispenser even more?iTouchless Sensor Soap Dispenser dispenses soap on demand without ever touching and leaving smudges, fingerprints or germs on the dispenser. It is so easy to use, kids will have fun washing hands and helping out. The clear container has a large opening that provides easy indication for refills and prevents spilling when refilling. It is also the first sensor dispenser with removable container that allows customers to wash it before changing to a different type of liquid and avoids damages to the dispensing unit.It has 3 pre-set modes customized to your needs, dispensing a drop of soap around the size of a dime so you can save soap per usage yet providing a sufficient amount to effectively eliminate germs and bacteria. Save even more by purchasing refill packages from bulk stores, and reduce plastic bottles going to the landfills. Use it for soap, shampoo, sanitizing gels, lotions and more. This sleek finish fits all home and offices and it is completely portable.