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PowerFilm PowerTour 60 Watt RV Solar Panel Kit
Solar Made

2807 N Prospect St
Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80907

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Made to install easily on any RV, a simple butyl adhesive on the back of the panel allows for the panel to be stuck in place without any heavy, cumbersome mounting hardware. Available in two different sizes (42 watts and 60 watts), these kits allow you to charge your batteries whether driving or stopped.  Each kit comes complete for self-install with the solar panel, a charge controller, cabling and cable tie-downs.

The PowerFilm Solar RV Kit offsets all parasitic power loss, such as a smoke detector, propane detector, clocks and other items that naturally drain your battery.

Maintains the primary battery - ready to use on a moment's notice and removes the need to recharge the battery or keep the RV plugged in, the solar maintains the charge in the battery
Extend Battery Life - PowerFilm Solar modules reduce the depth of discharge which can increase the number of charging cycles and extend battery life
Free from the need for a direct power source- enjoy the comforts of home while camping in remote sites without plugging in to electricity
Keep RV amenities on - run the refrigerator, fans, lights and other common appliances without direct power
Run the power jack and activate the power slider without "plugging in"
Easy Installation in just minutes; NO DRILLING! - no glass, waterproof, low profile
26.14 x 86.05 (60W) flexible solar panel with peel and stick adhesive backer
Charge controller
15' of wire with connectors
3' "Pigtail" wire with connectors
Wire Placement Kit (8 cable tie mounting bases and zip ties)